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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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"Survival by quality, development by credibility" takes advantage of the east wind of reform, our Wantong company ushered in a good development opportunity. With the care and support of new and old friends, our company uses "to revitalize Wantong company and invigorate the local "Economy" as the goal, strengthen the concept of market economy, and strive to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise. Through strengthening the internal management of the enterprise, continuously developing new products and improving product quality, the economic efficiency of the enterprise has increased year after year. Since the establishment of the enterprise, it has been annually Rated as a "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise and an "advanced agricultural and sideline products processing enterprise" by the Anqiu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. We always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" business policy, and actively develop and strive for progress. A new stage of the year has achieved high economic and social benefits.
In short, in the current fierce market competition, under the impact of the Asian financial crisis, our company has developed rapidly and achieved high economic benefits. This is the result of our company-wide ups and downs and united efforts. As a result of care and support, we will promote Wantong Company to a more brilliant tomorrow with greater work enthusiasm, better product quality and better service.
Eager new and old friends at home and abroad continue to care about supporting the development of Wantong!
Warmly welcome people of insight at home and abroad to negotiate business with Wantong!

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